The new answer to a historical problem

Think you’re a hockey trivia pro? You wow and amaze your friends with your knowledge of 1980s Red Wings power play scoring percentages? As impressive as that might be, the NHL is required to provide that information at scale and on-demand to partners around the world. SHIFT is the self-service tool leagues like the NHL rely on to do so, providing an intelligent interface to query their robust historical database.

League data is the bedrock of fan engagement. Being able to instantly convey a new Canucks road overtime saves record when it happens connects fan and League in the moment. But, complex stats aren’t just interesting facts tantalizing the reader or viewer, they’re valuable ways to translate the unique nature of the contest. From “...never happened before in NHL history” to “Ovechkin is the 53rd player to...”, NHL SHIFT gives the user control of their own message, harvesting new and unique stories from past and present data. 


What Makes the SHIFT Approach Such a Game-Changer?


Utilizing the SHIFT self-service interface, end users from the league stats & information teams to PR departments to partners and broadcasters can quickly access pertinent information revealed from detailed game information dating back as far as league records exist. As a result, fan engagement at the information level can be increased exponentially without taxing internal engineering resources. 

Sitting atop the Pramana platform, NHL SHIFT references all questions ever asked of the league and utilizes our platform algorithms and application logic to extend questions and answers to any number of permutations - instantly revealing sortable, sharable and pinnable results. In collaboration with league engineering, NHL SHIFT learns and grows daily as additional questions are submitted and parameterized in the platform.  And, with next-gen features like intelligent alerting and schedule-driven matchup notes in development, leagues can rely on SHIFT to stay a step in front.


How does SHIFT work?

Self-service Historical Information Finding Tool

And, now the name SHIFT makes sense. The AI-driven, self-service interface allows users to ask questions of any relational database in multiple ways, both by category and exact question. All previously saved queries are available in a personalized Streams scroll, allowing quick retrieval and encourages proper data management.

Just ask the question

Just start asking questions in the free-text box. SHIFT automatically begins refining that questions and inserting automatically classified parameter information to complete the query. A list of similar and exact match questions drop down to help clarify your query. Are you sure you’re looking for goaltender win streaks and not goaltender unbeaten streaks?

The SHIFT product developed by Pramana is used by the NHL Stats and Information team to answer complex statistical database queries in near real-time, helping the NHL put on-ice achievements into historical context and share more of that information with Clubs, broadcasters, media and fans quicker than ever.

Chief Technology Officer

Now, what about the Rangers?

SHIFT has instantly given you every instance of the Winnipeg Jets franchise coming back from a 3-goal deficit to win, but what about another team? That’s simplicity and power of SHIFT. Change any parameter in the question and new results appear. If you’re curious - the last time the Rangers came back from 3 goals down to win in regulation was January 2017.

You have the results, now what?

SHIFT isn’t just about finding deep historical answers to complex queries. It’s about organizing your data, sharing those stats with fans in a timely manner and streamlining those touchpoints. SHIFT gives the user control of fine-tuning the output, tagging to categories, and mapping where the questions derive.

Pramana was able to quickly develop the NHL Shift application that we currently use today with new features being added as our business requirements mature. The database performance exceeds expectations and the development tools allow our team to be productive within days.

Chief Technology Officer

I’ll probably get that question again

SHIFT Streams is the organization page that allows quick access and retrieval of all past queries. Users can search by tag, user, date range, and pinned queries. All data will automatically refresh to maintain current accuracy.

Now, how do I share it?

Sharing answers inside the tool is cake. All registered users can share results and create personalized reports with a click of the mouse. Sharing outside the tool is just as simple. Simply click the “export” button and the results you see are exported to CSV with the exact order and fine-tuning you desire.