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Trusted by teams and leagues at the pinnacle of sports, Pramana’s platform and applications sit at the crossroads of AI and actionable intelligence. From Draftpoint for language-based scouting analysis to NHL SHIFT for enhanced historical information retrieval, Pramana is the industry go-to when the best in sports need bottom-line answers.

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Scouting Language Analysis & Prediction

You rely on your experienced scouting team to evaluate the best on-field talent, gathering valuable notes of each interaction. We believe there’s gold in that commentary. By utilizing the Pramana platform to reveal historical comps of players with similar skill commentary, Draftpoint provides individual Major League teams a competitive advantage in drafting & acquiring players

Answers to complex stats questions

Think you’re a hockey trivia pro? You wow and amaze your friends with your knowledge of 1970s Rangers goalies save percentages? As impressive as that might be, the NHL is required to provide that information at scale and on-demand to partners around the world. SHIFT is the tool they rely on to do so, providing an intelligent interface to query their robust historical database.

Draftpoint adds significant value to our talent acquisition process by recognizing hidden patterns found deep in the way scouts naturally talk about players. Scouting is all about player comparisons: 'what am I seeing', 'who does that remind me of', and 'what happened to the last player I saw like that.' Draftpoint leverages long-form knowledge from subject-matter experts, and turns it into insights that raw numbers can't provide.

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MLB Team

Experience  has no substitutions

That’s everything to us. Pramana’s founding principle is that by melding our bench of experience with that of our sports industry clients, simple solutions to complex challenges actually work. 


Our team has been embedded at the highest level of professional sports to listen, learn and create products that solve those challenges.


While Draftpoint and SHIFT have been industry-tested and approved, we’re constantly adding new features and upgrades as the industry desires.


It takes an open mind to accept what you can’t see. We’d rather show you. Our products don’t just provide the answers, we also show our work.

Big data isn't a competitive advantage, but big insights are. Big insights come from tacit knowledge... that volume of experiences that sit in our memory, often just below our awareness, and it comes out in the way we speak and write. That knowledge is extremely valuable, and difficult to capture. Draftpoint captures tacit knowledge and analyzes it in a systematic way, leading to insights that are otherwise unavailable.

front office executive
MLB team

Skills that translate

Draftpoint knows the language your scouts speak. When a scout hangs a “55” grade on a kid, what does that actually mean? We can tell you. And, it comes down to translating the language your scouts are using in their evals.


Based solely on the language your scouting department uses in skill evals, Draftpoint reveals detailed and accurate current and historical player comps


Side-by-side comparisons allow decision makers to see the exact eval comments from the exact same scouts between current and past players, giving confident in the comparison


Draftpoint highlights what internal MLB scouts and Baseball America writers are really saying about current prospects and how similarly described players in the past might help predict future success.

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